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Searchers and independent sponsors, you are our client. We invest equity and draw on our extensive network and experience to get your deal done.
One equity investment of $200-400k each month.
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As investors, operators, vendors, and publishers, Minds Capital’s principals are deeply embedded in the searcher & independent sponsor ecosystems.
Will Smith
Will Smith
Host of the podcast Acquiring Minds, a leading media platform that reaches thousands of searchers & sponsors every month.
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Niklas James
Niklas James
Executive Chairman at Service Star Brands, an HVAC roll-up platform. Previously acquired a SaaS company. HBS & Bain alumnus. Norwegian.
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Max Lummis
Max Lummis
Founded LCS in 2012 to provide financial due diligence and post-transaction CPA services for 80-100 SMB deals per year.
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For Searchers & Sponsors
with an LOI

We invest in a well-defined profile of business & searcher.
If your deal aligns with our criteria,
please connect using the form below.

Target Company

Predictable revenue stream(s)
History of profitability
Minimum $800k adj. EBITDA
No industry headwinds
Limited vendor/customer concentration
Seller has legitimate cause to exit
Sustainable margins

Buyer Profile

Strong credentials and references
Credible strategy for IRR >30%
Skin in the game
Preferred returns for investors
Mature, realistic expectations
Excellent investor relations skills
Robust governance plan

Partnering with Minds

We need to ensure that your deal satisfies our core criteria before we can jump on it.
1. You are already under LOI.
2. Minimum $800k SDE/EBITDA.
3. The Target Company aligns with our criteria:
Predictable revenue stream(s);
history of profitability;
minimum $800k adj. EBITDA;
no industry headwinds;
limited vendor/customer concentration;
seller has legitimate cause to exit;
sustainable margins
4. The Sponsor (you) aligns with our criteria:
Strong credentials and references;
credible strategy for IRR >30%;
skin in the game;
preferred returns for investors;
mature, realistic expectations;
excellent investor relations skills;
robust governance plan
Once you can confirm that your deal satisfies these criteria, begin the process of speaking to us about an investment by filling out the form below.

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